How to Fight a Speeding or other Traffic Ticket

How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

How to fight a traffic ticket.

Thinking of fighting your speeding, red light, or other traffic ticket? It’s not a bad idea. A certain percentage of cases get thrown out because the police officer fails to appear at court, so you might as well roll the dice if you think you have a plausible defense. This article and videos will show you how to fight a traffic ticket.

This page includes books and videos that will help you to beat your traffic ticket.

Before turning to the video and other information, you may want to take a look at a program that GUARANTEES your ticket will be dismissed. I don’t have any experience with this program, but it sounds impressive. Click on this image:

The first video is a very basic discussion of some of the factors you should consider if thinking of fighting your ticket.

This next video is specific to fighting a speeding ticket.

Nolo Press publishes some of the best self-help legal books. Indeed, when I first started practicing I kept a few of these on my shelf so I could familiarize myself with some of the "tricks of the trade" for practice areas where I did not have a lot of experience.

Depending on your ticket, you are going to pay hundreds of dollars in fines for the ticket itself, and possibly higher insurance rates. The following two books by Nolo Press -- one specific to California and the other for the rest of the states -- are less than $20. That's a very good investment if it increases your chances of winning. Click on either of the images for a reduced price.

Woe to the unprepared citizen contesting a ticket. Many people think that to fight a ticket in court they simply need to show up armed with nothing but their sad tale and a winning smile. Nothing could be further from the truth says Beat Your Ticket author Attorney David Brown.

Ticketed drivers need to be as prepared as possible before pulling up to the courthouse steps. Armed with Brown's new 50 state guide — the counterpart to his bestselling California specific Fight Your Ticket — road warriors have all that they need to handle run of the road tickets with confidence. In comprehensive terms scrubbed free of legalese the book discusses speeding, including how to fight radar and laser tickets, rolling stops, illegal turns and lane changes, cruising through red lights. The book shows how to prepare for court, how to make a winning presentation, and how to cross examine the ticketing officer. This book includes a detailed state by state appendix that catalogs the critical information about each state’s traffic laws and court procedures. A must have manual for contesting bum rap traffic citations. Beat Your Ticket belongs in every driver’s glove compartment.

Attorney David Brown's bestseller helps readers put the brakes on higher insurance rates and clueless encounters with the law. Written in plain English for everyday drivers, not lawyers in the fast lane, the book explains every type of violation, including: driving without insurance; registration and license violations; ignoring tickets; pedestrian and bicycle violations; reckless driving; defective equipment; illegal parking; drunk driving; driving with a suspended license. Fight Your Ticket outlines how to determine the consequences of a violation, get a case dismissed, prepare a surefire case for traffic court, appeal a decision and much more.

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